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Resource-optimized, robust and reliable. “Ready to use” for your critical applications

DATAFLOW Runtime is a smart, event-based operating system that guarantees the best real-time performance as well as conflict-free data and process communication. This enables efficient, high-performance and resource-saving embedded software applications to be created.



  • Bare metal or RTOS based scheduler with minimal overhead
  • Minimal footprint thanks to configurable resource requirements
  • Minimal CPU load through run-to-completion task processing
  • Energy-saving thanks to the go-to-sleep function and wake-up interrupt
DATAFLOW Software BARE METAL Target Icon
DATAFLOW Software RTOS Target Icon

Executable on your Target System

  • Bare metal or RTOS based
  • Basis for event-based architecture – ideal for critical applications
  • Hardware abstraction layer for many platforms
  • Simulation and unit test of the application without a target system

Assured quality

  • Embedded C ++ ready
  • Complete unit tests for the entire DATAFLOW Runtime
  • Test-driven development of the application possible
  • Mocking framework for the abstraction of hardware access
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Ready to use

  • Currently supported platforms
    • ARM CORTEX M0 / M3 / M7 / A8
    • Hardware Abstraction Layer for STM32
      F103 / F030 / F767
    • WIN32 (for unit tests)
    • Other platforms on request
  • Detailed documentation with extensive examples
  • Source code available (option)
  • “Ready to use” support package
    • Support in choosing the right modules (HAL, BSP)
    • Support with the setup of the development environment and the platform modules

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