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DATAFLOW Runtime License Information

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With the DATAFLOW Runtime license you get a “ready to use” environment for your target system:

    • All DATAFLOW Runtime libraries
    • Complete documentation
    • Hardware abstraction for your target system
    • Unit Testability
    • Support in choosing the right modules (HAL)
    • Support with the setup of the development environment and the platform modules

In addition, you get access to our extensive knowledge base with lots of valuable content such as examples, tutorials and numerous how-to instructions.

DATAFLOW Runtime Structure

The following components form the DATAFLOW Runtime

DATAFLOW Runtime - Usage

The DATAFLOW Runtime can be used either bare metal or based on an RTOS.
The components are then used as follows depending on the application (bare metal or RTOS).

Bare Metal based Usage

RTOS based Usage

DATAFLOW Runtime - Ready to use

The runtime consists of several components and allows a step-by-step integration for your application. The following figure describes the necessary steps to start with the implementation of the application logic.
Implementation of the steps 2. and/or 3. you can optionally do it yourself. This eliminates the license costs specified in the corresponding step.

If you would like to have access to the source code, we also have the right solution for this. You’re welcome to contact Us in this regard.

DATAFLOW Designer Prices


per user

CHF 4,900


the following modules are included:

✓ Frames (an IDE)

✓ Code (C ++)

✓ Document


  • Frames CHF 500

    Additional IDEs

    - Visual Studio 2015/17/19

    - IAR 7.80 / 8.22 / 8.40

The user-related license enables DATAFLOW Designer to be used by one user on different Windows computers.


per floating license

CHF 7,350


the following modules are included:

✓ Frames (an IDE)

✓ Code (C ++)

✓ Document


  • Frames CHF 750

    Additional IDEs

    - Visual Studio 2015/17/19

    - IAR 7.80 / 8.22 / 8.40

The floating license enables DATAFLOW Designer to be used by different users on different Windows computers. The number of simultaneous users is limited to the number of floating licenses purchased.

DATAFLOW support agreement

Support package

The DATAFLOW Designer license price is the assessment basis for the costs of the support package. 10% of this license price is charged annually for the support package.

By signing and paying for the support option, you acquire the right to receive the following services **:

  • Information available online at such as self-help materials, the latest documentation, instructions, FAQs, and more
  • Technical support via reports written online as a support case
  • Free provision of software patches
  • Program additions as part of the licensed modules
  • Adaptations in support of released operating systems
  • Adjustments for released hardware
  • Further development and optimization of usability
  • Adjustments to new, legal requirements
  • Provision of updates

** You can find the entire scope of services in the support agreement here . Marketing materials are not part of the support agreement and do not constitute a warranty claim. 


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